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Privacy Policy

Present Privacy Policy determines rules of storage, procession and usage of personal data gained from you by the online shop PromoExpress, run on (hereinafter Site) by LYNKA Sp. z o.o. with the seat in Kraków ul. Józefa Marcika 4, (hereinafter Online Shop).


Online Shop endeavours to ensure respect of your privacy and protections of personal information collected during usage of the Site and purchase in the shop and take all necessary actions for this purpose.


What data is collected automatically by the online shop when using the Site?


Online Shop does not collect automatically any data, except for data included in cookie files during usage of the Site itself.


Cookie files are small text files sent by the online shop and stored on your computer, including some information connected with your using the Site and Online Shop. Cookie files used by the online shop can be temporary or persistent. Temporary cookie files are deleted at the moment of closing the browser, whereas persistent cookie files are also stored after your using the Site and serve for storage of information such as your password or login, which makes usage of the Site faster and easier.


Online shop uses cookie files mentioned below for following purposes:


In the Online Shop there are two basic types of cookie files used: “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are temporary files which are stored in the User terminal device until the moment of logging out, leaving the Site or turning off the software (the browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the User terminal device for time determined in parameters of cookie files or until the moment of deleting them by the User.


In the Online Shop there are following types of cookie files used:


Cookie name


Purpose of saving



Storing session identifier



Information of casting a vote in a survey and prevention from recasting a vote



Information connected with a single display of pop-up banner



Storing information from where the user is coming from



Storing information of the number of displays for a given user



Storing visit time/time of displaying the site



Storing visit time/time of displaying the site


Cookie files are used in order to:


- adjust the content of the Website to preferences of the User and optimize using the sites; particularly these files allow for recognition of the Website User’s device and display the website properly, adjusted to their individual needs;


- create statistics which help to understand the manner the Website Users use Internet sites, which allows for improvement of their structure and content;


- maintain the Website User’s session (after logging in), which makes the users do not have to rewrite their login and password in every subsite.


In each case, you can block installing cookie files or delete persistent cookie files, by using proper options of your Internet browser. In case of problems, we advise to use browser help file or contact the manufacturer of the browser you are using. You can read details of cookie files here.


Besides cookie files, the Online Shop can also store data gathered customarily by administrators of internet systems within the framework of so-called logs or log files. Information included in logs can cover among the others your IP address, kind of platform and browser, Internet provider and site address from which you have entered the Site. Some subsites within the framework of the Site and other manners of communication with you, may include so-called “web beacons” (that is electronic images). Web beacons allow for receiving information such as for example IP address of the computer on which the site has been loaded, on which web beacon has been placed, number of URL site, time of loading the site, kind of a browser and also information included in cookies, in order to assess effectiveness of our advertisements. These data shall be archived and used for purposes of statistic analysis and assessment of global movement of users. These data shall not be linked with personal data passed by you.

What data does the Online Shop store during registration and purchase?


The Online Shop shall store from you following personal data via the Website and other forms of communication, in case of purchase and process of registration in the Website:


1) name and surname,

2) e-mail address,

3) company data:

- name,

- address for correspondence, supply of goods, issue of VAT invoice,

- telephone numbers for contact,

- NIP number (Tax Identification Number),

- site address,

4) Name of branch in which the company runs,

5) Name of post.


Giving the above data is voluntary but it is necessary for registration and purchase within the framework of the Site.


Giving the above data is voluntary and your acceptance is required; it is necessary only for realization of the above mentioned purposes. We stress you are not obliged to give these data if you do not wish to use the above mentioned possibilities.


You have the right to access the content of your personal data and the right to amend them. In order to realization of this right, please use the option within the framework of your account or from the address, telephone number +48 12 293-80-00.


Marketing of the Online Shop


As long as you have agreed to this (subscription to the newsletter), e-mail address given by you shall be used for marketing purposes of our own products of PromoExpress. The consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Information disclosure


In order to realize the agreement, the Online Shop can provide gathered from you data to the following entities: delivery services, payment system operators, administrators of the website and the company dealing with complaints. In such cases, quantity of data passed is limited to the required minimum.


As long as you have agreed to this, the Online Shop can provide gathered from you data to advertising agencies dealing with sending newsletters for marketing purposes. In a case when you are willing to withdraw you consent, please send such information to the address:


Besides, information passed by you can be provided for proper public authorities if it is required by the binding law.


Technical measures and your obligations


Online Shop endeavours to secure your data and protect them against other people actions. We use all necessary protections of servers, connections and the Site in order to protect your data, especially access passwords and logins, antivirus protections, requirements for creating copy of database, daily back-ups.


However, actions taken by us can be insufficient if safety rules will not be kept by you. In particular, you must keep login and password to the Site confidential and do not release them to other people. Please, remember, the Online Shop will not refer to you with request of passing them, except for entering them during logging in the Site. In order to disable unauthorized people to use your account, please sign off after using the Site.


How can you use rights entitled to you?


You have possibility of view and edition of your data, at any time, within the framework of the Site, after logging in with the use of your e-mail address and password. In a situation when you forget the password or in case of occurring other problems with logging in, please contact us via address:


You have right to require information about the content of data stored about your data, and also right to change, block or delete data and also right to rectify errors, complete or update your data. You have also possibility to oppose processing of your personal data for marketing purposes. For this purpose, please contact us via address:

Other websites


Within the framework, there can periodically occur links to other websites. Such websites act independently from the Site and are not controlled in any way by the Online Shop. These sites can possess their own policies on privacy, which is advisable to be read. Online Shop does not take any responsibility for treatment with data within those sites.


Information on text of the agreement


Preservation, protection and release of data of the order and General Trade Conditions (sales regulations) are performed with the use of electronic mail. Here, at any time you can read General Trade Conditions (sales regulations). Previous orders can be checked within the account, after logging in.


Questions and restrictions


Questions and restrictions on this Privacy Policy can be sent via address: