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Special Printing Techniques

Make your client's image stand out above the crowd with special inks and printing techniques!


After imprinting it with corporate logo or design, an ordinary piece of clothing becomes a uniform, an advertisement – or even a walking billboard. Thanks to the newest technologies in the field of textile embellishment, your brands and logos will stand out even more through the use of specialty inks and additives.

Here are some of the newest and most exiting techniques to help your logo '' jump off the shirt''. All of our inks are environmentally friendly, AZO free – specifically tested to insure conformance with EU laws and directives.


High Density. High density inks allows you to achieve a three-dimensional effect with sharp, well defined outlines. It’s great for making a part of the design “pop up” or for simulating the effect of a texture.


Gel. This is a transparent three-dimensional layer of ink that gives a gloss effect to the substrate. Gel is perfect for creating special surface effects, for example, water droplets on a bottle.


Puff. Expandable dyes. These inks expand greatly during the drying process, achieving a soft rounded, three-dimensional effect. Available for both water-based and plastisol inks.


Pearl. Small sparkling elements in the ink add a very nice, elegant and delicate effect to the selected fragments of an imprint.



Glow in the Dark. A great special effect ink for parties or special promotions, such as for bars or discos.


Crystallina. The particles from this ink vary in diameter, and cause a sparkling effect in the transparent base.


Jets. Glass or metal jets affixed onto selected elements of a design, or the whole logo, make the shirt look fashionable and attractive.



Flock. The three-dimensional effect of decorating with a structure of velour allows one to achieve interesting and unique results. It can be applied to both cotton and e list r, as well as baseball caps.


Reflective. This ink has the same properties as reflective tape, and is often applied in safety applications such as for schools, workwear, or professional services like the police and fire brigade.


Sugar. Sparking elements in the ink magically illuminate chosen highlights of a given design.




Foil. Metallic foils of different effects and colours. When used on the right design, foil can create an enchanting effect.


Caviar Beads. These tiny transparent plastic spheres of varying sizes and colours create an intriguing effect on chosen elements of a design. Great for creating mosaic effects.