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Product Decorating - Textiles

Textile embellishment & relabelling


Constant improvements of existing decorating methods enable introducing of further developments. The production materials delivered by the best  suppliers in Europe and the rest of the World ensure the highest possible standard of graphics reproduction on a wide range of promotional clothing. The introduction of transfers and laser methods in addition to standard imprints and embroidery – makes it possible to place logos on all kinds of sports and winter clothing.


In addition to regular decorating methods, we strive to meet the growing needs of our customers by continually expanding our range of services. Different types of badges, labels, and appliqués enable us to change typical promotional products into tailor-made items for individual customers. Thanks to this ability we can quickly customize all products from the standard catalogue to the unique needs of customers, even for small orders.


Embroidery. Splendid results on a wide range of products from polo shirts to jackets, bags and baseball caps.  For most customers, embroidery adds a durable yet “elegant” touch to the garment.


Plastisol Ink printing.  High quality and extremely durable textile decoration is achieved by printing with plastisol inks. This ensures the most accurate match possible with Pantone colour standards.


Waterbase Ink printing. Light layer of ink is desired, yielding a “soft hand” effect. Works well with pastel colours.  Not always ideal for perfect pantone match, but rather for a particular “feel” of a design.


Transfer. This technique allows us to apply both monochrome and multi-colour designs on most products. It is especially recommended for decorating fabrics such as softshell, nylon and polyester.


Laser. An innovative method for decorating textiles, both cotton and polyester – such as Softshells, T-shirts or Polo shirts. It allows the design to be placed over seams, zips and pockets, and allows large format decoration.


Digital printing. An economical way of printing multi-coloured designs for orders with a wide variety of graphics or a small number of ordered pieces: it is especially recommended for small orders of white T-shirts.



Embroidered patches. Such patches make it possible to place logos in most places inaccessible to other decorating techniques.


Woven or printed patches. An alternative to embroidered patches: these are ideal for more precise or intricate designs (woven labels) and complex tonal transitions (printed labels). They can be applied to textiles by sewing or transferring.


Jacquard labels / woven. Replacing existing brand labels by customized woven labels with the customer's logo results in a product that looks custom-made rather than mass-produced. This is the perfect way to create a bespoke collection of textiles for customers. It is also possible to sew labels on the inside or on the edges of the textile products.


Printed labels. A more economical alternative to woven labels.

3D embroidery. Puff embroidery is a more interesting and more fashionable version of traditional embroidery. It enables embroidery to be done on several levels thereby giving the design texture, making it more attractive.

Sublimation. Printing technology which enables the decoration of white shirts made from 100% polyester.