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DECORATING possibilities & methods


Pad printing. A popular technique used for printing images on small items (e.g. pens, key rings, pen drives) made of plastic, metal, wood etc. It is based on the application of ink with the use of a flexible silicone pad. This kind of imprint can be made up to 4 colours.


Screen printing. This decorative technique is suitable for printing on most textiles and surfaces made on nylon and polyester (e.g. umbrellas, bags, balls, caps). It is an alternative to pad printing and is typically used for larger images.


Laser engraving. This is a durable and precise decorative technique used for promotional items made of metal, wood, leather, varnished metals, plastic and glass. The colour of an engraving depends on the type of material of which an item is made. Engraved patterns are generally long-lasting and do not wear away.





Machine embroidery. A marking technique that is distinguished by its durability and resistance to mechanical damage. It is used, for example, to decorate caps, blankets, bags, backpacks or towels. The price depends on the number of stitches, which is determined with the use of sophisticated software. The embroidery process is controlled with a computer, which ensures high precision. We use the best quality embroidery threads made by Madeira – a German company founded in 1919.



Embossing. An elegant decoration method used mainly for promotional items made of leather and leatherette. It is based on permanent deformation of material by pressing a die into the marked surface. Dies are created individually for each logotype.



Ceramic decals. This technique is based on placing a special paper with printed images (logotypes, lettering) on the surface of a mug or a cup. Then the item is fired at a temperature of 700-820 C, which ensures high quality and durability of the final product.