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Additional Services

After choosing products from our range and decorating the next step is packaging. As standard all the garments are packaged in individual plastic bags. However we do offer many additional services and packaging possibilities, which are described below. Thanks to our packaging, the final product will be able to pass straight into the hands of all recipients without any additional work on your part. It can be immediately put on store shelves, given to employees or participants in promotional events.


Changing the labels – to create products tailored to your needs, we propose replacing existing labels with new ones. The offer includes both woven labels, printed labels or direct printing on the inner side of shirt collars.



Additional hang tags - they allow you to attach additional information and/or the logo to the product. Additional tags can be attached to the label on the collar or in other places specified by clients. 



Size stickers on polybag - enable a very visible marking of sizes of packed T-shirts. This is particularly useful when you quickly give away large quantities of products.



Barcode stickers - which you can print out and put the barcode on the polybag according to the customer needs. This will allow you to scan all the necessary information about the product.



Packing with cardboard insert - when including the cardboard insert during the packaging, the product is hard-packed, which helps with displaying the product - for example, on shelves or display cabinets.



Packing with a hanger and cardboard insert – usage of the plastic bag with a hanger when packaging is used mainly for retail. You can also place a sticker with the size or barcode on the bag.



Printed bags – at high volume or repeated orders we can produce one-colour printed bags - on one or both sides of the bag. This may be for example a company logo or product information (minimum amount is 30,000 units of the same size). Unused bags can be stored for you for future orders.


Packaging in individual envelopes - in case of shipping promotion to individual recipients packaging of products in individual envelopes is necessary. Additionally we can include extra items into envelopes, such as leaflets or letters. On the envelopes except individual addresses we can include one-colour print according to the client's needs.