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Elżbieta Martynowicz

HR Manager


Welcome to Lynka!



Dear Candidate,


We invite you to find out more about LYNKA. The aim of this brochure is to make candidates familiar with the history, strategy and core values of our company. It also presents Lynka’s team - our most important asset. Employees are central to the company; they shape our everyday relations and organisational culture. They are the ones to whom we owe our success and strong market position. People are the road to success; therefore we want to recruit the best. Apart from professional qualifications, Candidates who would like to work in our company should be: communicative, self-reliant and self-disciplined. They should also be committed to their work and be good team-players.


Thank you for your interest in our offer. We wish you good luck in the recruitment process.


How was the Lynka established?


Lynka's history from USA to Cracow


Lynka was founded by two young Americans who came to Poland, as part of an MBA program, to help develop Central & Eastern European companies after the fall of communisn in the early 1990s. Both had Polish ancestors which further increased their interest in the country. In those days conditions were difficult and uncertain, but a combination of Cracow’s charm and an optimistic vision of the future resulted in the formation of Lynka.


Dynamic development

Since its establishment in 1992, Lynka has been transformed from a six-person team into a flourishing company, employing more than 150 people and having subsidiaries in Warsaw, Rybnik and Wroclaw. Lynka’s headquarters and the Management Board are located in Cracow. Today we are the leading Polish supplier of promotional products and manufacturer of sportswear and uniforms for large, well-known, international companies.


The history of Lynka’s development is an example of the success of a private enterprise. In 2004 Lynka received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” title awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce, as well as many other distinctions.



Lynka in Europe


After Poland’s accession to the European Union, Lynka export sales underwent dynamic growth. At present, we provide services to customers from most European countries, with their number almost doubling each year. Export sales today constitute 50% of our turnover.


With its huge manufacturing, storage, and decoration facilities, Lynka now services thousands of customers within Poland and the European Union.


Lynka - who we are


Our vision


LYNKA’s vision is to become a top 5 promotional apparel and accessories company in the European Union.


Our competitive advantage will continue to result from our friendly, professional approach and our passion to provide our customers with a complete and highly satisfactory service.


Achieving that vision


Our purpose is to help our customers promote their companies and brands.


This is achieved by developing marketing solutions based on creative use of promotional materials, company apparel and promotional campaigns. We measure our success by the marketing success of those customers who we service.

Our values




Lynka offers an attractive work environment. It’s a place for talented and hard-working people. Our employees have development opportunities from which they can derive satisfaction and additional benefits. A loyal and motivated workforce is critical for Lynka to achieve its goals.




Lynka cares deeply about our customers. Our clients are more demanding than ever. They expect from us better, cheaper, faster, more convenient, and trouble-free service – just to stay competitive. Our „full service solution” must be more than a slogan – it is the essence of our business strategy. We treat our customers as partners.



We are dedicated to Quality. Quality of products, quality of service, quality of relationships, quality of our communications, quality of our promises. We must provide products and services that meet the demands in price/quality balance of our clients.



LYNKA conducts business in an honest and ethical fashion. We honor our commitments. We treat employees fairly and with respect, we respect the laws of the land to our best ability, and we do not engage in corrupt business practices. It is our firm belief that our employees and clients will respect this, and long-term benefits will be gained.



We continually strive to improve our performance in all areas of our activity by reviewing, analysing and developing our organisation, methods of working, and employee performance.





"LYNKAis one of the premier apparel decoration and promotional product facilities in all of Europe - in fact, let's make that all the world "


Printwear Magazine, USA 


World - class quality


Lynka is a leader in the industry. We have won over 40 international awards for our quality – more than any other EU promotional company. The competitions in which we won awards includes:

• Printwear & Promotion

• Impressions

• Printwear     • Fespa

• Images        • SGIA



Lynka's personnel policy

Organizational culture


Lynka is a medium-sized enterprise with an employee-friendly atmosphere. Our team consists of motivated and creative people who are full of energy. As a result, in our twenty years of Lynka’s existence, we have created a truly special working atmosphere.


Employees as the most important asset


Our personnel policy is an integral part of the company’s strategy. LYNKA, as a competitive and quality-oriented company, needs to employ creative and talented people who are dedicated to continually improving the company’s image.


What we offer to our employees:


• Development

• Improved qualifications

• Promotion opportunities


We organise regular in-house and external training courses; both for those who are beginning their professional career and for those who already have several years of professional experience.


Our employees are offered internal promotion opportunities. Lynka’s culture is about praise and reward, the recognition of a person’s strengths and weaknesses, and the importance of personal improvement.


Lynka treats its employees ethically: we guarantee fair payment for fair work. We appreciate good results – we use commission and bonus systems. We have introduced a great variety of non-financial incentives – from company events and trips to financing of education.


What we expect from our employees:


We expect passion and consistency, hard work, a positive attitude to everyday challenges, as well as honesty, friendliness and respect for colleagues.




What do our employees say?


Joanna - Manager; with Lynka since 1996


My adventure with Lynka started more than ten years ago with seasonal work in the Production Department. Later I worked in the Customer Service Department – first as an assistant, then as a specialist, and finally, as a Manager of a team consisting of several people. At the moment I work in the Sales Department dealing with Corporate Clients as well as small and medium enterprises.


Lynka is undoubtedly an employee-friendly and mother-friendly company, which offers a variety of development opportunities.


Andrzej - IT Manager; with Lynka since 1995

I have worked for Lynka since the earliest years of its existence. At that time, we were a team of a dozen or so young, enthusiastic people, with little professional experience. We had to learn everything from the beginning, often by trial and error and often until late at night... but we were all strongly involved in it.


First, I worked in the Production Department – I was a manual printer; today, I am the head of the IT Department. Lynka gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and learn a lot of new things.

Bożena - Retail Outlet Team Leader; with Lynka since 2006


I began my career in Lynka as a production assistant. Then, I was responsible for production records. In 2011 I was given an opportunity to change my position and begin work in a newly established retail outlet, where I have worked until now. For the first time in my career I hold a managerial position. This is a new challenge for me, which makes me gain additional skills and learn new things almost every day.


Our company is fair and customer-friendly in respect of quality and timeliness, which is a result of each employee's effort. Before I learned the nature of decorative work, I did not realize how much effort and involvement of graphic designers and printers is required to create such small pieces of art. We all help each other and share our experience – in Lynka you are part of our team from the very beginning.



Internship in Lynka

Our company gives graduates an opportunity to gain professional experience by participating in numerous traineeship programmes. Each trainee has an individual supervisor – the manager of the department. Over the years, a great number of people have made use of this possibility. Some of them stayed at LYNKA for a longer period of time and became permanent employees of our company.


In the area of training, we cooperate with Tischner European University, Cracow University of Economics, AGH University of Science and Technology, and others. We have also participated in the “Grasz o staż” (competition for trainees) project of Gazeta Wyborcza daily newspaper, as part of which we admitted several new trainees.


Join us

Whether you are a graduate who is just starting his/her career, or an experienced professional looking for new challenges, Lynka is a good choice. We offer a friendly atmosphere and the possibility to develop your skills and improve your qualifications.




Our aim is to make Lynka a place where talented, hard-working and honest people can achieve professional success through constant learning and development.


If you ask Lynka’s employees what it is like to work here, they will likely tell you about the stimulating atmosphere. In our company we always try to find a balance between hard work and the personal satisfaction of time well-spent.


I hope that this brochure will provide you with an accurate picture of the career and development opportunities offered by Lynka.


John P. Lynch

Founder and President of Lynka



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